Best Cooler for Fishing, Kayaking and Day Trips- Yeti Hopper Flip 12


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There are plenty of coolers on the market and plenty of cooler review videos too. As a Kayak Fisherman, I need to keep my food and drinks cold all day long. I am in the elements, on the water, often in harsh environments, so I feel like I need the best cooler out there. I have tried many different brands and types, but have decided that there is no better cooler out there for kayak fishing than the
@yeticoolers Hopper Flip 12. I also have an awesome hard sided Yeti Cooler that I could put on the kayak, but it is so heavy that it just doesn’t make sense. That’s why I went with a soft sided cooler. Frankly, I think it’s better than the hard sided coolers, because of it’s and light weight. It also seems to keep my drinks cold just as long as the hard cooler and it’s
I have had the Hopper Flip 12 now for nearly a year and have taken it out on my kayak, on my boat, on road trips, even bank fishing. It is just an awesome cooler! Not only is it the perfect size, it is more durable and tough than I imagined it would be. It can really take a beating and it just does it’s job to perfection day after day. The Hopper Flip is a real work horse and I love it. Not only that, it’s leak proof! I am really a fanboy of this cooler and I highly recommend it. There has not a day that has gone by that I regretted this purchase. It’s the best kayak cooler hands down. In fact, it’s the best overall day cooler hands down. I am not sponsored by Yeti, but if you wish to purchase the Hopper Flip, please use the Amazon link below which helps the channel. I appreciate the support!

Yeti Ice 4lb:

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